It all started yesterday, when I was looking to recruit some members for my brand new mining-specialized corporation.

Isthule Tyson Frasier , the CEO of 8 Sins of Man [8SM] misread my ad and thought that I was looking for an industry corp. and invited me to conversation.

After learning that I was trying to build a corporation, he generously offered to join the alliance (despite the fact that I was a one-man-corp then) and become a partner. Let me just tell you that not a lot of people will offer their help to you under no conditions from their side.


Another great person that I met the same day also found me from the “Recruitment” channel.

He also saw me writing recruitment ads and offered his help in administrating and recruiting for the corporation.

He said I reminded him of himself in 2007, when he was doing the same thing but it didn’t go well because of certain circumstances that I would like to refrain from mentioning in here.

His alt, Number 820, joined the corporation and new eden yesterday and I have trusted him to be my Director in exchange for his valuable knowledge and experience in mining and industry.


The recruitment process now continues and we hope to grow quickly in numbers. If you are interested in joining, feel free to mail  Number 820 or Leandros Cesaille and don’t forget to include FULL Api Key

To be continued…